"Zara is my

middle name"



I grew up in a very creative family amongst four other siblings, an exceptional family of twins and triplets born to one spiritual visual artist.


I began working in the Media industry by 2008 and explored a mixture of graphic design for Newspapers and Magazines. Soon after that, Zara Design was born and it became my casual, late-night craving. From there I began freelancing and gained experience in brand identity, website design, and much more.


In 2017 I became a mum and left the corporate world. That year was by far the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. I’ve taken away many life long lessons since then but also had a lot of fun.


Coming into 2019 I remembered that I felt the most joy, inspiration, and excitement when designing for others. I truly believe in creating affordable graphic designs that bring joy and happiness. Creating designs that can turn ideas and dreams into reality. 


I know how important Graphic Design is, in everyday life. For special occasions, from invitations to labels - because presentation goes a long way!  Also for businesses to thrive and grow with a personality that people can love and trust!


I believe my passion is to help others in this process as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. 


I’m so thrilled you’re here!